Walt’s Disney

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” Those are the words set at the boundaries of the first land Walt Disney built. It is a place where magic still lives, where adventures can be found around every corner and where your enjoyment is only limited by how much you are willing to believe. Those words describe the first piece to a vast kingdom built on the dreams of one man; the Wonderful Worlds the Walt Disney Built.  

Someone once said to me;  ‘Disney doesn’t have the fastest rides, or the biggest drops, it’s the whole experience that makes it special’. That’s what the Disney Parks give us, an experience to last a lifetime. When we are there we can leave our day to day cares behind us and let ourselves be immersed in the same magic Walt brought to life when Disneyland opened its gates all those years ago.

This section is dedicated to all things Disney Parks from their history to tips and tricks to getting around. So grab a pint of Lafou’s Brew and settle in,  you’re in for a wild ride.

Long before Walt built his first park, he was building worlds for us to visit in the form of his movies. So lets explore some of Walt’s creations, Let’s Go To The Movies
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