A Nocturnal Animal Kingdom

This is an article I wrote for the blog on Homes4uu.com. I’ve been working with the folks over at Homes4uu as a Web Designer, Freelance Writer and Graphic Designer for nearly two years. They deal in vacation homes in the Walt Disney World area which can be especially wonderful for large families or family groups.


For over two decades Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been offering the wildest of wild attractions from real live lions and tigers (but no bears, oh my!) to a prehistoric trip through time. However, during all of that time, guest could only enjoy everything this wonderful world has to offer between sunrise and sunset. Of course, when the park opened there were two very good reasons for this. The first one was that a large percentage of the citizens of this Animal Kingdom were better viewed during the daylight hours. This meant that if they had kept the park open, guests would have been left with the option of riding Everest repeatedly or venturing through Dinoland USA in the dark.