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Welcome to Kate’s Disney!

While the other sections in this blog were all written by my, they each focus on an aspect of Disney that exists out in the great wide world. You have the section about the parks, the trip planning tips, the movies and the culture. This section is unique because it is dedicated to my own thoughts, stories and ideas. Its the personal side of DisneyKate.com. Here you will find the Pixie Dust Report which a collection of Disney News articles and announcements with a dash of original Walt. You’ll also find my Disney Journal where I document the small Disney moments in my life. This is also the place to find Disney artworks, photo albums and more. 



Disney has become a cultural Icon. Here you will find stories, links and more to the cultural side of Disney
Part of what makes Disney so great is the memories we gather when we are there. These are some of mine.
The Pixie Dust Report is your place for news from the Disney Parks, Animation Studios and beyond.
As a Disney fan and an artist I’ve enjoyed being able to draw Disney characters and scenes from films in my free time. Here are a few of the designs I’ve done!
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