Disney Joke Club

The Disney Joke Club was started on a whim. One of the members (@Mrs_T or Disney Dreamer on Twitter) started off with a peter pan joke, which was answered with an Alice Joke and a Cinderella Joke and the #DisneyJokeClub was born.

It grew from there. Now every Saturday members of the Disney Joke club bring their best Disney funnies to the table. Some of these jokes are old Disney classics, some are brand new, all of them will make you laugh. So enjoy these jokes brough to you by the Disney Joke Club. Oh and if you want to join in the fun, just add #DisneyJokeClub to your joke. Or you can tweet your joke to one of us and we’ll get it out to everyone else! The Club is open to all! Just try to keep it clean! See you on Saturday.

These are the Jokes that have already been brought to the club. I’ve got the person who brought them to us as well. Note that most of these are your typical Q and A type jokes, but a few of them are a bit more unique. Go ahead and Check them out!

Q: Why did Woody give Bullseye some cough syrup?

A: Because he was hoarse

  ~Disney Dreamer (@MrsT_07)

 Q: What’s the Cheshire Cat’s favorite drink?

A: Evaporated Milk!

  ~Disney Kate (@DisneyKate23)

The Cheshire Cat likes the Disney Joke Club

Q: What do you call Wall-E’s cousin who cleans floors?

A: Floor-E 

              ~Disney Dreamer (@MrsT_07)

Q: Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball?

A: Because he didn’t see Donald Duck.

            ~Disney Kate (@DisneyKate23)

 Rick Astley will let you borrow any of his Disney or Pixar DVD’s but he’s Never Gonna give you Up!

            ~DisneyPrincess (@OzGoofyPrincess)

Q: Where Do the Pirates of the Carribean Eat?

A: Arrrrby’s

            ~Disney Travis (@FloridaTea40)

A: I thought it was Long John Silvers?

            ~Drunk@Disney (@DrunkatDisney)

A: It was until they found a pair of Long Johns in Davey Jones’ Locker

            ~Disney Travis (@FloridaTea40)

Q: What is Peter Pan’s Favorite Restaurant?

A: Wendy’s

~Disney Dreamer (@MrsT_07)

Q: What time does Donald Duck wake up?

A: At the Quack of Dawn

~Disney Kate (@DisneyKate23)

Q: What does Mickey Mouse use to browse the Web?

A: An iPad Minnie!

            ~DisneyPrincess (@OzGoofyPrincess)

Q: Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?

A: Because she will let it go…..

              ~Disney Dreamer (@MrsT_07)

Q: What kind of vegetable do you get when Dumbo walks through your garden?

A: Squash!

            ~Disney Kate (@DisneyKate23)

Q: Why was Cinderella so very bad at soccer?

A: Because she was always running away from the ball,

kept losing her shoes, and she had a pumpkin for a coach!

            ~Disney Travis (@FloridaTea40)

Q: Why does Alice ask so many questions?

A: ‘Cause she is in “Wonder”land.

            ~Disney Kate (@DisneyKate23)

Q: Why is Peter Pan always Flying?

A: Because He Never Lands….I love that Joke, It Never Grows Old!

  ~Disney Dreamer (@MrsT_07)