Journey into Disney Culture with Disney Kate

I’ve always wondered if Walt Disney knew the impact that his creations would have on the world when he was first dreaming up Mickey Mouse. By the time the first park was built he had begun to realize that while Disney used to be just his name, it had now grown into something much bigger. Walt had taken fairy-tales and nursery rhymes and made them the topic of discussions from world wide from school yards to the office water cooler. He had turned Disney into a cultural phenomenon.

Disney Culture doesn’t just mean the merchandize, the movies, the parks, or the shows, it means the movements of the people who love those things and the connections they make with the Disney brand and each other. After all, As Disney himself said: You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. So as this century progresses we can all watch as Disney culture is expands in new ways. Fans are now connecting across the globe as blogs (like this one), video logs and podcasts spring up and serve up wellsprings of information on all things Disney.

So this section is dedicated to the culture of Disney, the people whose visits and support keep the parks and the company in business. Its about the artworks, the blogs, the discussions, the podcasts, the movements and the individuals on the outside of the parks who have made Disney what it is today. Its also about the things we grew up with, the common symbols that make us think of Walt, Mickey and everything Disney. Join me as we explore Disney Culture.




Disney is an amazing Place no matter when you visit. But certain times of the year offer some extra magical experiences for you and your family to enjoy.
Pin Trading is a extra special Disney collectable experience where guests can not only purchase the pins they want but also trade what they have with others.
Podcasts are a large part of the Disney community. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but here are a few Podcasts to listen too!
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