Dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern

The Liberty Tree
The Liberty Tree Tavern can be found in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant is named for the famous Liberty Tree in Boston Massachusetts. Liberty Square has its own Liberty Tree right next to the Tavern itself.
Liberty Tree TavernWhen you enter the Tavern you will be asked for your name and your home state or country. You can then find a seat in front of the large fireplace while you wait to be seated. When your table is ready the greeter will call your name “the Smiths from Florida” you’ll be taken to one of 6 themed rooms for you meal. The rooms are named after Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, George Washington, and John Paul Jones the famous US Revolutionary Naval Officer. If you want to know which room you are in just take a look at the portraits on the walls. Accessibility note: The main entrance is Wheelchair accessible, however when your table is ready your greeter will take you back out into Liberty Square and around the corner and back in through the side entrance and on to your table. Also, the main restrooms for the restaurant are up a set of stairs, but you’ll find an accessible restroom on the main floor as well.
Beautiful Meal at the Liberty Tree TavernThe Menu for the Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch is fantastic, but Dinner is where the food really shines. When you look at one of their dinner menus it seems confusing at first. Rather than offering a series of entrees
and appetizers that you can choose from there is only the Declaration Salad and the Patriot’s Platter and your choice of beverage. But what a meal those two make.
The Salad is the first course brought to the table followed by the entrees. The platter comes with turkey, roast beef and ham all cooked to fork tender perfection. The meal also comes with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables (which are absolutely brilliant), herb bread stuffing, and macaroni & cheese. The best part, this meal is all you can eat, so go ahead and get as much of your favorites as you want, your server will keep bringing you more until you say ‘Enough, I’m done!” But be sure to save enough room for desert!

Once again the menu at the tavern is simplified to the point where you only have one option. And that option is the absolutely delicious Johnny Appleseed Cake served warm with ice cream. The cake has apple slices and cranberries in it, it’s the perfect ending to the meal.

I will say this though, this isn’t the kind of meal that you want to eat during August in Orlando. The meal is better suited for the holiday season where the full platter of dishes can be enjoyed fully before heading out into a pleasantly mild Orlando evening.

The servers are fantastic. The food is incredible. The decor is perfect. All in all I’d give the Liberty Tree Tavern 5 wishing stars out of 5!

5 Wishing Stars