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Welcome everyone to Disneykate.com! This site is all about Disney from the movies to the parks to my own artworks and much much more. Each section above will take you someplace different in the site: The Wonderful World that Walt Built is all about the Disney Parks, from their history to the rides and attractions each holds. Kate’s Disney holds my own Disney stories, photo galleries, artwork and the Golden Stitchy Award. The Disney Culture Icon will take you to my articles about the Disney Movies and more. 

The Dress Transformation Border

May 2014


This month will show the end of my graphical overhaul of the site in all three sections. Once this is done I will start adding in new content in a much higher volume than before. 


I am also adding in two more movies to the 53 Flavors of Disney section under Disney Culture. They are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in honor of the Mine Cart opening in Walt Disney World and the Lion King in honor of its 20 years as a Disney Film. I will try to add at least two more movies a month from this point forward. 

The Lion King Icon

The Golden Stitchy award now has 8 recipients and has been split into three categories more information can be found on the Golden Stitchy Page. 


I have also gained over 350 twitter followers in the three short months I have had this blog open. I thank you all and will have my thank you artworks up shortly. 


Keep an eye out in June for a few more exciting additions to the blog: 

Disney Kate’s Etsy Shop


Disney Kate’s Pintrest Page

will both be added to Disneykate.com. I’ve been working the items I will be bringing to you for a while now and I can’t wait to share them all with you. So keep checking back and don’t forget to follow me on twitter and Facebook for updates and exclusives!

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