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August 30th 2014

Today marks the official relaunch of the with the addition of the Weekly Wings, a brand–new online Disney news source!

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Things are constantly changing at Walt Disney World. As Walt himself said: times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future. Every time a change is announced the rumor mills start to fly; what else is changing? When will it close? The Weekly Wings aims to bring you up to date reports on what is happening in the Wide World of Disney.

However this paper isn’t just about what Disney announces. It’s also about the Disney Community. It’s about the Bloggers and the Podcasters who work tirelessly to keep us all entertained while they share all things Disney. It’s about the fans reactions to changes that are happening in the parks, both good and bad. It’s about all of us as a larger Disney Community and Culture.

So check back every week as I bring you news, reactions and stories about the Mouse and the people who make the magic possible: you.

Issue #1: August 30th 2014

On Epcot: Changing Tunes and the Maelstrom vs. “Frozen” issue.


There is a still lot going on here at! I will be adding fresh content daily as well as re-adding some old content that has been refurbished. So keep checking back in as I offer Daily Portions of Pixie Dust!